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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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no one is listening. which is why we're in washington on friday and this weekend. they won't answer our t phone? maybe they'll answer the questions directly. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." america has been increasingly hounded with a message that government is the only answer and the system is against you. it's evil rich people to keep you down. up to the sweet angels of government to lift you up. i saw a poll that said people are losing faith in the american dream. why? because we're following in the foot steps of europe, not america. tonight we look past the government solution and directly to the heart of what i believe are things that will restore america. faith, hope and charity. ♪ ♪
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he >> glenn: hello, america. boy, we are in for quite a week. quite a week. you can't miss a second of anything that is going on in washington. i think they're going to pass this thing. they're going to do whatever it takes to pass it and not going the traditional way. they are going to go the way of snakes and cockroaches, they are going to control out in the cover of darkness -- crawl out in the cover of darkness and make it happen. mark my words. we'll show you later in the program they will be less and less courageous. they will cover their tracks. don't let them do it. the final push for healthcare. they will jam it through, possibly this weekend. the president is on campaign trail, which is weird because he already got in to office and sweep mag jurorties in the house and senate so it leaves democrats as the only ones actually stopping this bill. but he is blaming and trying to shame republicans. they have no power, mr. president. this is on your shoulders.
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this will always be remembered a the democrats bill. 73% of americans say congress should start all over on healthcare because we have problems with healthcare. this is not the answer. this is the fastest way to bankruptcy. he trotted out another supposed victim of the system. this one is notama canfield, a breast cancer survivor. here is what he said. >> i'm here because of natama. so when you hear people say start over, i want you to think about her. the bottom line is this. the status quo on healthcare is simply unsustainable. >> what would the bill do for natoma? >> what would have happened is she would have been able to be part of this exchange, this marketplace that gave her a choice of plans just like members of congress had, but because she would be part of a million people who are in a pool, her rates would be
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lowered. >> glenn: did she get healthcare or not, mr. president? would she be healthier or not, mr. president? that's great she could have had her choice of plans. jake tapper was asking the question i would have asked. the president's answer doesn't make sense. he described the insurance policy, the insurance industry. people now and the government will be another company. how does it lower rates? how does it happen? it doesn't. the government will always undercut pricers and put insurers out of business. that is the goal. not the stated goal. the goal is power and control. obama said she might lose her house because of all of the bills. but that is not true. the cleveland clinic who has been treating her has already said that's not going to happen. and she is eligible for charitable aid from the
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hospital. the hospital does charity themselves. they have $100 million charitable assistance program. if there are supposedly so many people dying in the street because of health insurers why can't they show a problem true representation. we heard tonsils taken off from doctors and doctors cutting off feet because they make more money. we heard the people, once you ask one question, the whole thing comes undone. remember the man that obama claim died because of health insurance dropped him? it was untrue. treatment extended his life by three years before he died. yesterday, a single mother of three that worked at jack-in-the-box tragically died. then the unions and george soros trotted out her son to plea for obama care. she is practically the case model for government assistance we already have.
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but this is why we need more care. why is the government the answer for jobs, healthcare, education, for food? besides the military, tell me what the government does well. i'm here until 6:00. the president wants you to derive your hope from having faith in the government to be charitable, to provide everything to everyone. that is your hope. to have faith that they will be charitable. i don't trust the government to be charitable. i trust them to be weasels. they proved it over and over again. i trust neighbors to be charitable. no government program in existence can or ever has or ever will provide faith, hope and charity. tonight, a panel of experts. one on faith. and the perversion of it. by the proprogressive movement. he also knows the origins of social justice, and david buckner from columbia university, because he knows
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real hope, because he knows the truth about the econoeconom. it isn't good. judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst author of "lies the government told you." you have to read this book. a great book. the judge is here to talk to me a little bit about charity. constitution is the way to charity. david barton is the founder and president of wall builders and author of "original intent, courts, constitution and religion." take it from here. start with the judge. judge, they are now talk about this slaughter rule that they are going to pass this now. do we have the audio yesterday of president obama saying he's looking for courage? could you play that, please? watch this. >> we need courage. [ applause ] that's what we need. that's why i came here today. we need courage!
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>> i have never in my life seen anything so outrageous as what this administration is doing. we need courage and on the same day, nancy pelosi is going for the slaughter rule. what is that? >> slaughter rule named from louise slaughter up north head of the house rules committee and she suggested to speaker pelosi instead of a house members voting on healthcare, the bill that came over from the senate, yes or no, they vote on provision to allow them to considered that the healthcare bill was already adopted without voting on it. >> glenn: without reading -- >> and without voting on it they are going to send it to the president for the signature. >> how is this constitutional? >> the constitution requires before the president may sign anything into law, it must have "passed" both houses of congress.
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the house apparently has a rule, with which many of us who watch these things are unfamiliar because they have been doing it under the radar screens. >> glenn: republicans have done it. >> they've done it as well, that lets them consider something that has been passed they never voted on. >> glenn: the only reason i play this on courage, the only reason they have this is why? >> they don't have courage, they don't have the ability to stake a claim yes or no, because they wantp some law to come to pass that's indefensible, so they can say i didn't vote for it. >> glenn: judge, i've never seen anything quite like what they're doing now. my mother said when i was little my grandfather and my father said it as well all the time. if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. >> right. >> glenn: if you don't want to do it right, don't do it at all. if this is truly the transformative piece of legislation -- let me ask.
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does everybody agree this will fundamental transform america and not go back to the country we've known if it passes? >> economic game changer. >> yes. >> glenn: if this is that important shouldn't we do this right? >> the history of human freedom paying careful attention to procedure. they don't care about procedure, because they don't care about freedom, they only care about power, getting done that which will give them and successors more power over us. >> glenn: put up the chart from phil kerpin. put it up on the 103. judge, come with me. this is from a friend of the show. he put this. how the president has usurped everything. >> right. >> glenn: just on these. cap and trade. pass the house, blocked in the senate. he goes to the e. p.a.. >> right. >> glenn: internet regulation, blocked here, he goes to s.e.c. union card check, here, here,
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here, blocked. he keeps going. debt commission, senate blocked it. he goes executive order. healthcare, here it is. reconciliation or the slaughter. can't get reconciliation, so he goes for the slaughter amendment. >> correct. how does he get to do this? >> the congress has given the president, not just this president, but all going back to f.d.r. himself so much discretion and ability to enact regulations when the congress can't, doesn't or won't, that this president is now using this power to enact what he can't get through. >> glenn: okay. but what i said about a year ago, judge, i was on this program. i looked in the camera and i said congress, you're out of your mind because you are giving so much power to the president and you've been doing it, as you said, president after president after president. you are going to become irrelevant. judge, tell me that congress is not irrelevant. >> congress will become irrelevant when the president can tell the e.p.a. what to do, the s.e.c. what to do,
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recess appointmenappointments, executive orders that the congress wants to bypass. the supreme court said power that the congress has can't give to the president. but it has and this president is using it to the extreme. >> glenn: come back with me. did you listen to the audio from chuck schumer i sent you? >> yes. >> glenn: we will play it for you. let me explain. i have a friend who has -- a good friend of mine and thinks the way i do. has a progressive friend who said i am going to this progressive meeting and i think you should hear some of the things they're saying. schumer is there, harry reid is there. i have audio of the whole thing. before they go to the meeting he says you have a video recorder. you can't videotape anything. "okay. "he has his cell phone. and he tapes it.
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here is chuck schumer talking now about what exactly, judge? >> talking about changing principles in the constitution, principles we held dear for 230 years by a simple majority vote in the caucus. >> glenn: how do you do that? >> you can't do it, but this is their aspiration and their hope to do it. they don't have a full buster proof -- filibuster proof majority anytime and there are things they can't do without two-third requirement and they want to lower that vote. i thought i heard him say we might be interested in looking at the bill of rights. taking a look at the bill of rights! if centr anything, that's foundation to our existence as free people. >> i'm getting hammered because last night i said who do you think you are, congress? you do not create rights. they come from god and they're given to the people and you are to protect them. you are to protect them.
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>> 100% correct but they don't believe that. >> is it not the ninth, the eighth or the ninth amendment? ninth amendment that says there are other right rightsrig. >> right. the ninth amendment says rights in the bill of rights is not to mean other rights don't exist. there are other rights that exist. we couldn't possibly lay them out. the government would like to forget about them. >> glenn: right. the idea is these are the things that the government is restricted to do. i've got a lot more rights than what that piece of paper says. >> of course you do. >> glenn: right? >> of course you do. >> glenn: the bill of rights was to restrict government. they flipped it upside and over. >> because they want to take something that is a good, like healthcare, and claim it's a right. a right is the opposite of a good. right comes from our humanity and from god. good is something you have to go out and purchase. >> glenn: so let me go here. i want to play the audio, chuck schumer. let me know when we have it. get to it later in the
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program. we're still ingesting it in the machinery here which is a spooky term. i want to ask you this, judge. you know and i know in the 2300 page bill that includes educatig education now -- >> yes. >> glenn: -- the control that this government has is endless. if this passes they will control every aspect of your life, right or wrong? >> certainly with respect to healthcare and education. correct. they will tell your doctor what to prescribe, how long to stay in the hospital and tell you if you qualify for federal dollars. >> what you eat -- they are places in here, that if you can be deemed someone who maybe shouldn't have a baby, people come in. the government is in our homes on this. >> bill sam mon, a washington bureau chief pulled out a
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quote. i don't remember who said it. a democrat saying we have to have abortion in the bill. we need fewer babies and fewer adults to consume healthcare that we will be paying for. >> glenn: frightening. >> it sounds like coming from beijing. >> glenn: i can tell you now that there are people in this country -- and i beg you, i beg you, you must know this is the beginning of the struggle, not the end of the struggle. you are nowhere near out of options. what is the most effective thing that people who are watching right now can do? >> to understand their constitutional rights, to confront their senators and congressman when they violate them, to keep their feet to the fire as how they vote. when they vote for the nonsense, vote them out of office. people ask every day can we sue? no. too early to sue. in november, what they want the most is be re-elected.
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deny them that. >> glenn: i want to play the audio for you. this is chuck schumer. this is in a private progressive meeting. somebody recorded it. got this tape to me. this is -- hey, listen. we have some options here. listen carefully to what chuck schumer is saying about the rules and the constitution of the united states. listen. >> there have been very interesting papers written that said the constitutional right for instance of the senate to make its own rules supersedes the two-thirds if you can't change the rules but only when congress writes new rules at the beginning of each congress. the period we reorganize ourselves. that's something we want to explore. >> glenn: "that's something we want to explore." we are going to explore other things next.
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>> glenn: we're back with a panel i've assembled for actually a tour that i'm doing called "american revival." it's based on faith, hope and charity. the first is in orlando and
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then phoenix. go to to find out the information. these guys are some of the best brains i think i could assemble and bring in front of people and make a compelling case on these issues. we have david barton, judge napolitano, and david buckner. david, i want to come to you. really hope comes from the truth. the truth is -- i mean we have the secretary of treasury from massachusetts today saying this is so bad, this healthcare is so bad, and they are seeing it in massachusetts that the united states of america will be flat bankrupt in four years. that is quite a statement. >> we're bankrupt now. we have $14.4 trillion we owe we can't repay. add medicare that we pay, that's $36 trillion. you add $6.6 trillion in social security obligations. the problem with this, which
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is the most frightening and he identifies here, we look at the debt we have now and we haven't started to add on the future commitments. this passes through an approach underneath the door or around the door like smoke, we have an obligation you can't get out of. you can't obligate because what you're doing is pushing other tos out. creating a monopoly. that's all you have left. when you obligate, that's all you have left. they look and say where do i go now? nothing else is there. we have to keep paying for it, for as long as the foreseeable future would allow. >> how long is that? we have moody's -- you tell me. because moody's i've been saying this for free years. people at first dissed us. we'll never be downgraded, the united states of america. what -- we're talking the laws of economics! they're the laws of nature. you can bend them. now we have moody's coming out again. we have significant trouble
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on the horizon and we have done significant damage to america in the last few months. they're saying now, it's coming. downgrade is coming. moody's is a government agency, is it not? >> quasi. >> it's also paid for by people who are graded and evaluated. the credit ability problem for me is value added. >> glenn: why are they saying this? >> at some point in time moody's has to say do we have value at all? we have to look at a business, the united states government, for 20 years that has not broken even for 16 of the years. tell me any company lose money for 16 years and run almost 100% of the gdp, of the output, $14 trillion and they're still triple-a? the only reason they're triple-an is they can't allow
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it to be properly graded. >> glenn: explain what this means for the average person. i understand this to mean if you have a credit card at home and you spent yourself in oblivion you have to pay for it eventually. the credit card company says you're missing payments and still spending out of control and they raise -- they lower the credit rating, which raises the interest rate to the point where you can't afford it anymore. if our credit is degraded, and they have to raise our interest rate, which is inevitable, yes or no? >> it has to be viewed as our are we making our payments and are we trustworthy? if you talk about economics or hope, we are talking about trust. to this date and this point in time, america is large enough we believed and they have believed, those giving us money we're trustworthy. are we truly able to make payments and can they be trusted? >> glenn: we're trustworthy
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because we've always had the engine. the entrepreneurial spirit. something will happen. i'm a small businessman. if this passes i do not know how to make money. they're talking now about coming in and checking my payroll to find out is person "a" making as much as person "b"? how much person "b" is isn't making as much as -- what are you doing to business? >> the lack of predictabili predictability. if we know the market rules, i go to the wilderness, i know when it rains and i'll get wet and i'll prepare for it. but if i go in wilderness and i might get wet or might not, i don't know how to act as a small business. if i know i'm competing against the government for debt, if i want to go use my credit card, they say i'm sorry. i had to give the money to government. you have to pay a higher interest rate to woo it from
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them. our interest rates go up. those of us in the economy, the small business owner and individuals will feel the wrath of a downgrade or the government's continued borrowing. >> glenn: do you know any serious economist, that looks at this and says, no, this is going to work? anyone? >> those who believe we're still too big to fail. here is the irony. the very argument that is being made by our government, that no business in the world should ever be too big to fail is the very same argument we're betting on for the survival as americans. that is that china, japan and other lenders will continue to believe we're too big to allow to fail. >> glenn: well, on that happy note, we're going to come back and tell you one piece that has been distorted. and yet is the beginning piece to put back in the box once it's been corrected.
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there is charity. there is hope. but first, there has to be faith. how it was distorted. and how we need to right it to right ourselves in a minute. fifty-eight different individuals are using,
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hearing on capitol hill. eric holder saying if the al-qaeda leader is not killed by the u.s., his own people would kill him so we could not try him. stocks closing higher today after the federal reserve pledged to keep interest rates low for another extended period. the s&p closed at its highest in 17 months. a fox news exclusive interview tomorrow. the president of the united states is going to sit down with special report host bret baier to talk about his healthcare bush. glenn beck in a moment but bret has a preview of today and tomorrow's show. >> bret: a big interview tomorrow. working on the questions. coming up tonight, team fox coverage on healthcare reform. where the votes tonight? will democrats deem the senate bill in law? plus brit hume's analysis of healthcare. join me in 28 points for "special report." ♪ ♪
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>> glenn: i told you last week, faith, hope and charity is a theme to be able to fix us, but they've been perverted. faith, hope and charity. right now talking about charity from the government. what they are expecting you to believe. your hope will come from a deep-seeded faith that the government will be charitable. how stupid do you have to be? david barton, judge napolitano judge and david buckner are we me. i want to spend time now with david barton, because david, i'm under attack. i don't know if you noticed. i'm under attack from the, quote/unquote, christian community. >> right. >> glenn: it's not the christian community. it's the progressive community covering themselves or wearing the mask of christianity. right or wrong? >> agree. religious left community is more concerned about government, i'll say this so you don't get if trouble, more concerned about government than they are about the scriptural truth or god helping people. they want government to be the mechanism. >> glenn: my theory on these three things, faith, hope and
5:33 pm
charity, they have been rotted from the inside. >> yeah. >> glenn: hope is being -- hope comes from truth. you don't believe anybody in washington anymore. charity comes from the individual and we're rotting that from the inside. faith in the 1800 -- and if you would explain. a lot of people engage in social justice and they think, no, i'm supposed to be doing this. i'm supposed to. but it's a clever trick that has been played on many americans because they don't know i its roots. >> right. social justice is a good thing but the deal is it is to be handled by churches, synagogue and not by government. no problem with social justice but who delivers. the social justice movement goes back to the 1840s, 1850s. a group came up in america called the national liberal league. a great group. read their platform. it sounds like today.
5:34 pm
they're in the minority. they said to have this, you have to be secular and we have to make government secular and the provider. church can't be the provider. the only reason we did it to think secular and then government rather than church. they move in a liberal thing that says we have to be secular. they went through and great hearings in congress in 1853 and 1854 on this issue. should we be secular and do this? congress, judiciary committee said no. 16-page report. cool hisser ral report. get in 1870s and engersal picked this up and said we have to get rid of religion and go to reason. he is the precursor to the st step. >> glenn: didn't he say this is not a short-term plan? >> oh, no. >> glenn: i'm saying all of these things have been rotted, cleverly, like smoke. they come in and rot from the
5:35 pm
inside. didn't he say if you are looking for quick change in america, this isn't it? this is progress step by step? >> he said in the 1880s, this is the plan for america. now it will take us 60 years to get here, but it's worth the haul. so they were making 60-year plans how to move the government secular and get the government bigger. that was progreggivism. you can see it in christopher columbus and progressive from harvard. they say go with the case can controlum. you have documented how the president from teddy, wilson. it starts to pop up. they planted this in the 1880s and said it will take 60 years to get this done. that was exactly right. >> glenn: now we're in the final phase of it. the only time i ever hear a liberal use thomas jefferson is on progressivism. oh, thomas jefferson and thomas paine. but this is essential for
5:36 pm
people to know. i talked about it before on the program. the difference between the rights of men and the rights of man. difference between the french revolution and american revolution. thomas paine and thomas jefferson were either both fools or they admitted later they were wrong. right? >> that is true. you will find even with thomas payne that we use a secular guy. what they will never point out he went to france after the revolution and said you know this didn't turn out the way we thought. we thought we'd educate morality through education and cut religion out. france cut from seven-day workweek to ten-day workweek to purge it from their mind there might be a stab at something religious. then paine goes and jumps down the public education system in france, saying you're screwed up because you are not teaching creation science. he said if you don't teach
5:37 pm
creator this is the result of your government. paine with the change. >> glenn: he went to jail for it. >> he did. got in trouble, the french revolution and tried to get washington to get out. trouble with it. change with paine. part came from franklin. franklin jumped paine in 1790 and said thomas, you're saying secular does this stuff. you claim to be religious and have the integrity and courage and loyalty and say you have it without religion. but you were raised in religious schools and where you got your thinking. >> this is the most outrageous quote. if any politician said it today it would be outrage. but this is absolutely true in context. but up the quote of benjamin franklin on charity. here it is. the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty but leading or driving them out of it. in my youth i traveled much
5:38 pm
and observed more public provisions made for the poor the less they provided for themselves and became poorer on the contrary, the less done for them, the more they did for themselves. and became richer. benjamin franklin said that. say it now it's harassy. we'll let the three duke it out in a second and talk about healthcare and education and what they are ramming through and what it means for the future of america. next.
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>> glenn: back with our guests and i want to show you a couple of things. they're coming on tour with me. it's a revival and irspir rational. this is the first bibble
5:43 pm
printed in english -- bible prohibited in english from the united states. how many of these are in existence? >> they printed 10,000 in 1782 and 22 left in private hands today. >> glenn: 22. my gosh. worth a lot of money? >> a lot of money. >> glenn: right here, what does it say here on the second page? what does it say? >> if this -- this is done by congress and says resolve the united states in congress assembles recommend this edition of the bible to the inhabitants of the united states. >> glenn: right here, the first bible printed in english is printed -- hold this. i'm afraid it will fall apart. printed by congress. by congress. can you imagine getting that? >> let me goof this up even more. the official record of the bible printed said this bible was, "a neat addition to the holy scripture for the use of our schools."
5:44 pm
>> glenn: this is really interesting. a document from thomas jefferson. here it is. on the 24th day in the year of our lord christ. 1807. signed by thomas jefferson. significant to this? >> article seven, it said in the year of our lord they had done the constitution. jefferson added in the year of our lord christ. >> glenn: everyone tells you he didn't believe in -- >> that's right. >> glenn: okay. gentlem gentlemen, i think america is at a crossroads. at a place financially it won't last. if they pass this the way they do underhandedly, are we close to constitutional crisis? this feels really bad. >> we talked on your show if zero where the constitutional was when they gave us the country and where are we now?
5:45 pm
i said 150. you said wow, are things that bad? things are that bad. if they can get away with this, this is precedent for them to change other basic american values without reading it and without voting on it. >> where do we go from here? >> we have to get back to fundamentals and i start with faith. in the declaration of tenants, 234, we have 45 words set forth that set the philosophy of american government. we encapsulate that and set it forth in declaration and capture it in the constitution. 45 words. you were talking about the texas history standards, this is one of the cool things we have done. every student in texas will recite the 45 words every year and learn the philosophy of government. all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with rights, government exists to protect god-given rights and below that, the extent of government. if you don't have recognition
5:46 pm
that rights come from god, they come from government. government will regulate them -- >> glenn: here we are, different religions. i was just speaking this weekend some place, i was in missouri. i was speaking at a pro-life event. a majority of them were catholic there. i said look, the time of theology right now has passed. the time for us to go back and forth and you can believe what you believe and i can believe and you can believe something different. that is almost irrelevant right now. it's people of faith that understand that that one concept, you must destroy god because if you have an understanding that your rights come from god, everything changes. if you lose that, and us as faith, judge, do you believe that religion as we know it, faith as we know it is in dire, dire trouble? >> of course it's in dire trouble. the government will assault
5:47 pm
it. you played a tape of senator charles schumer from new york who didn't know he was being taped and he was saying we can change anything we want. never mind that rights come from god. and through our humanity. never mind that the declaration of the independence is the law of the land like the constitution. don't let anybody hear you say this, but we can change whatever we want that. 's devastating. >> glenn: that's devastating. back in a second.
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>> glenn: back with judge napolitano, david buckner. talking about healthcare. this congress and the direction of the united states of america. david, we were just talking in the break about your piece is hope, the truth, of the economy. and what this means if they pass it. >> the fact of the matter is the law, the economic principles that are unavoidable -- if you do this, they are not talking about that. they're not adding about 31 million more people without doctors. it's immoral to not have people have healthcare. they're not talking about the facts. and the budy of my dialogue and contribution is facts stand on their own. nobody is talking about it and i believe there is a
5:52 pm
reason. they don't want to address the truth. >> glenn: you say it's a natural law. isn't that the basis of the documents? >> absolutely. when they wrote the declaration of independence and the constitution, they wedded america to the idea and belief of natural law the rights come from the humanity, a gift from god. the people that run the government today don't believe that. they believe that our rights come from the government. >> glenn: it doesn't matter. if you talk about natural law, if i'm not mistaken that was carefully crafted language. nature's laws and nature's god. >> right. >> glenn: meaning it's not about a church. these are immovable laws. so just as the economy is, the law is as well. >> the laws of nature are that the rights come from the humanity. >> glenn: if you lose that, what happens? >> you lose government. jefferson came out, the first book he wrote said can
5:53 pm
liberties of a nation be thought secure if we remove their only firm basis, which is a conviction and n the minds of the people that the liberties are the gift of god and they're not to be violated but with his wrath? you lose your conviction that the liberties come from god, you lose liberties. that's why john adams as president said the constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. you lose that underpinning conviction, the document doesn't work, you lose your rights and freedom and it's gone. >> then there is no right or wrong and government can do whatever it has power to do. >> if they skip one they don't address the other. if they don't address the other, they'll never get to the third. >> glenn: now you know why i'm doing this show called the american revival, because if you want to revive america you have to be evangelist for faith, hope, charity. you have to know inside of you, not just a cursory i go to church on sunday.
5:54 pm
whatever. it doesn't matter. you have to know deep inside of you, faith, hope, charity. where do they come from and how do they connect to you? it's the only way to save the country. faith, hope and charity. come from god, directly to you. it will give you the spine to stand. final thoughts next. @=h
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>> bret: that was a funny episo episode! >> glenn: join us on friday. i want to thank my guests. they have, there are three books out you need to read. if you have not read any of their work, they're phenomenal. you need to educate yourself on these ideas and so many more they bring to the table with us all the time. i appreciate your time, gentlemen. we will see you again. on my way now to broadway! to the theater! where i'm going to do a live broadcast on stage at nokia. find out the information at see you tomorrow. from new york. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc


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